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Find Out What Your Symptoms Are Telling You!

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Raman Magay

 Functional Nutritionist


Board Certified Structural Integrator



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Structural Integration Bodywork


So much has changed from that first session. A year has gone by and I feel 20 years younger and 2” taller. From my hips that were locked, my chest that needed to be opened up, walking correctly, breathing, using correct posture with a purpose you’ve been my miracle worker.

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Functional Nutrition


I had been struggling with digestive symptoms for years that were taking me out and getting in the way of living my life normally.  As an athlete, I was struggling with performance, pain, and energy.

I am so happy and content with where I am after working with Raman.  My energy levels have improved, my skin has changed and my acne is gone, I have no more pain during and after workouts!  

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I didn't enjoy practicing yoga until I took a class with Raman!  Her approach is to meet you where you are and then help your progress at your own pace.  She really helped me understand the benefits of breathing and getting to know and understand my body and what it needs especially in times of stress and much-needed rest and recovery. 

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