Functional Nutritional Wellness and Board Certified Structural Integration Practitioner


There are many paths to health and well-being.  I have used a combination of several modalities of bodywork, along with nutrition, and movement (strength training, yoga, cycling, running) to heal my own body from the many symptoms and stressors that had compromised my health.  As a certified *Restorative Wellness Practitioner, I am able to work with your body’s innate intelligence and facilitate lab testing paired with symptomology to determine the main stressors and nutrient deficiencies your body is experiencing.  I create individually tailored healing protocols to help re-establish homeostasis within the body.  


*Restorative Wellness Solutions is a comprehensive functional nutrition certification for qualified health professionals.


About Me

Functional Nutritionist

Board Certified Structural Integration Practitioner

Yoga RYT 200

Certified Personal Trainer

I hated to exercise as a child and ate a lot of sugar and other refined foods with little to no nutritional value.  I had my first empowering experience with exercise in college when I learned how fantastic movement felt to my body after gaining the dreaded freshman 15+ caused by the emotional eating I was struggling with.  Since then I have used the power of food to resolve my long-term digestive issues, get rid of my eczema, banish crippling periods, and every other day migraines have been put to a halt, all through nutrition and natural strategies. 


With over a decade of experience in wellness, my extensive training in nutrition, structural bodywork, yoga, and strength training allows me to work with you to find the optimal outcome for you.  Through a combination of nutrition, lab testing, and high-quality supplements, we will work together to address symptoms such as:

  • pain in your joints/body 

  • skin rashes

  • digestive issues- gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, food cravings

  • headaches, fatigue, adrenal issues

  • anxiety, depression, brain fog

  • hormonal issues- night sweats, hot flashes PMS, fertility

  • weight gain/loss