Functional Nutrition Solutions




Does this sound like you?

I have...



food sensitivities and /or allergies

skin conditions


weight gain

joint and muscle pain



anxiety/ depression

brain fog

hair loss 

chronic illness


Then Functional Nutrition Solutions is for YOU! Reclaim your vitality and take charge of your health!

Feel Like Yourself Again!

Are you struggling with chronic symptoms that prevent you from doing what you love?

Does it make it hard to feel sexy?

Have you been to multiple doctors or alternative health care practitioners, feeling that they don't have the answers or solutions to help you?


What is the solution? 

The key to finding the answers to your health complaints is to first identify the root cause. What created the problem in the first place? What imbalanced systems of the body or deficiencies are causing digestive and hormonal imbalances or mystery symptoms?

We do this by getting a visual representation of your symptoms and learn what they are telling us about how well the different systems of your body are functioning.  Then we are able to prioritize your health issues and jumpstart your healing with a custom fit plan!

Your program will include advanced laboratory testing and targeted supplementation along with a foundation of a nutrient-rich diet and healthy lifestyle modifications.  This personalized wellness plan will support your body's natural healing process and ultimately help strengthen your immune system so that you feel stronger and are able to maintain your health more easily.  

Here is the Plan of Action!


During this extensive health assessment session, we will discuss details about your health concerns and symptoms, food sensitivities, your medical and family history, current medications, and your health and wellness goals.


*Advanced Laboratory Testing

This is a game changer because it eliminates the guesswork and identifies exactly what needs to be addressed as part of your wellness plan! We will use specific lab testing to determine deeper issues that may be causing some of your symptoms. Often times we find that you may not understand where your symptoms are coming from, but the testing will show for example that things like eczema, seasonal allergies, hair loss, and more are the result of downstream digestive issues or thyroid imbalances.


*Custom-Fit Wellness Plan

We will work together to design a personalized wellness protocol for you that addresses your health concerns, goals, and lab results, naturally! This means a more accurate, effective, and efficient wellness program; with dietary recommendations specific for you!


*Online Sessions from wherever you are!

During these follow-up sessions, we will check in on your progress, answer questions, modify your protocol, and any other modifications as needed.

What's in it for you?

How would it feel to live a more vibrant, joyful, present, and empowered life? 

* Feel empowered in your body and in your mind

* Feel confident and peaceful as you transition through the ups and downs of womanhood

* Optimize your energy and vitality

* Sleep well and feel rested

* Fit back into your favorite clothes

* Decrease anxiety and or depression

* Get rid of brain fog and sharpen your memory and ability to focus 


Bring Your Body Back To Balance Naturally! 

What are you waiting for?

Through a combination of lab testing, nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and high-quality supplements, we will work together to address the root causes of your symptoms, balance your gut and hormones and provide the fuel and essential building blocks that your body needs to thrive.

Please contact me below to learn more! 

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