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I’m so thankful for the time and effort that you put into correcting a lot of the issues that I created over the last 67 years with my body.  


As a retired executive, working for a Fortune 500 company for 35 years, I was subjected to a lot of mental and physical pressure at my job.  The pace was fast.  I loved my job. When I could, I loved playing  Football, Basketball, Hockey, Skiing, Snowshoeing, Softball and Racquetball- I’m a very competitive person as you know.


I piled up the injuries over time: torn meniscus, torn hamstring, laminectomy, bone on bone knees and  the list goes on. The way I took care of an injury, I just sucked it up.  Compensated one part of my body so the other part of my body would heal/work.  I never took the time to understand how my body works until I met you.  


It’s amazing how one injury can affect your body, never mind several injuries over years.  The pain we subject ourselves from lack of knowledge continues to build up over time.  I feel very grateful that you were able to help correct problems in my body using your skills as a Structural Integration Practitioner.   


When you did my assessment at our first meeting, I couldn’t raise my hands over the height of my shoulders and I couldn’t turn my head ninety degrees left or right. I complained to you that on the motorcycle I had a hard time at intersections or when I came to a full stop. Turning my head was a problem.


So much has changed from that first session. A year has gone by and I feel 20 years younger and 2” taller. From my hips that were locked, my chest that needed to be opened up, walking correctly, breathing, using correct posture with a purpose you’ve been my miracle worker.


You gave me goals that were realistic after each session. I worked on my posture, keeping the alignment you left me with each session. You set the mark each session and I tried to capture each one.  What you can do for a person is amazing. I am so impressed with your care, knowledge and ability to customize each person’s treatment.  I saw and felt continual progress throughout my eleven sessions of my twelve series.  After our 1st sessions, I was outside walking my daily 4.5 mile walk and couldn’t believe the difference.  I look forward to Skiing and Skating this winter!  


I want to thank you again and I realize that you help start this process with me. It’s my responsibility to continue my exercise program and periodically reach out to you for maintenance.



I have been working with Raman since October of 2021.  I am excited and very happy to say that I have lost 34 lbs, my constipation is gone, I have so much more energy to go about my day, and I am eating much healthier without feeling like I had to give anything up.  Raman is patient, encouraging, and she did not overwhelm me with information.  She has an amazing wealth of knowledge in the Functional Nutrition world and I highly recommend her to anyone who is having difficulty losing weight and experiencing a lack of energy to live their best life. 



I went to Raman with episodic muscular hip pain that had been bothering me for quite a long time.  I found Raman to be very skilled in both identifying and addressing the sources of the pain. She was rigorous in her analysis of my particular condition, but was also able to frame it in the context of the whole body; identifying links between my pain, muscle imbalances, and poor posture. 


Through multiple bodywork sessions, Raman’s analysis and expert fascia manipulation has heightened my overall body awareness as well as providing significant pain relief. Furthermore, through her insights, I have gained an understanding of the sources of pain and ways to avoid recurrence.


As an experienced masters swimmer, I found Raman’s open style of communication and her ability to explain and address the connections between strength, flexibility and body balance to be right on target and very useful.  Working with her has been both educational and beneficial to my overall sense of well-being.  

Joe H.  Master Swimmer

This is a tribute to the structural bodywork program conducted by Raman Magay from early summer to current
Over a formal 12 week program.


Although blessed with a strong healthy body, I’d never paid much attention to formal programs or regular exercise.  But at age 76 I’d been experiencing some aches and pains and creaky moments.  I visited chiropractors periodically; ibuprofen was my best friend daily.

After a Saturday yoga session at the West Suburban YMCA, I spoke with the instructor (Raman) who suggested I come in for an evaluation and a bodywork session.  I decided to do the whole 12-series.  T
he benefits have been amazing!  No more hip or knee pain.


My posture is vastly improved.  My adult daughters and friends have noticed that I stand taller and straighter. My energy levels are higher and my gait is quicker and straighter. 


I look and feel better!  Thanks to Raman’s work.  I even lost ten pounds and do not need to go for quick fixes that don’t last at the chiropractor.  I would highly recommend the 12 series to anyone who would like to restore their posture, get rid of chronic pain, and feel like their body belongs to them again.  - Karen C

I’m an active cyclist/hiker about to complete my 6th decade. Cycling seemed to be causing me to have ever tighter hips, so I started taking yoga classes in an effort to do more stretching and limber up. Initially, all was good, but I began to notice my right hip screaming at me in easy seated pose, and anything I tried at home just didn’t help. Whatever I was doing in my daily life also morphed into right hip pain that was keeping me from getting a good nights sleep. I heard about Raman, read her website info and decided to give it a try. Immediately after my first session, I went to my usual group ride class at MWCC and didn’t notice anything different. Next day, I went to my usual yoga class and, holy crap, my hip didn’t scream at me! This couldn’t be true. So, every chance I got, I would put my leg in a position that used to make my hip scream and it wouldn’t do it. The pain when trying to sleep disappeared. I couldn’t wait for my second session, after which I felt slightly taller. I’ve now completed the three sessions she currently offers, have been hiking, mountain biking and yoga’ing….and all is good. Can’t wait to begin the 12-series with her!  Mark H  Cyclist, Hiker, and Yogi

"I am a mother of 4 children and I have recently been on a journey to get fit and find a healthy balance for myself and my busy life as a mother!  Taking up fitness classes has been rewarding and challenge.  I'm sometimes restricted during classes as far as what I can do because I experience pain in my body from working my muscles so hard and just from the stresses of every day life.  Raman has helped me work through some of my compromised patterns which sometimes cause me pain.  Her gentle yet effective approach helps me to continue enjoying fitness classes without pain and get through my busy days so I can enjoy time with my family!  I have definitely noticed a tremendous difference in my mobility since working with Raman.  I'm able to move better and in ways I haven't been able to in years!"     

~T.B. Fitness Enthusiast and Full time Mom

"As a fitness instructor, I've been taught proper form and technique in various different trainings, yet I still experienced chronic pain and discomfort. Raman was able to notice patterns in my posture which created tension in my body. Over a few comprehensive sessions, she helped release those areas of tension and provided me with the knowledge I needed for a more balanced way of moving. I am truly grateful for an intelligent, highly effective approach to structural integration. I would absolutely recommend if you are experiencing chronic pain or discomfort and you think: "That's just how my body is." to work with Raman. To go from a nagging discomfort to nothing, no amazing."  

Kristen H. Fitness Instructor 

"I've had a few sessions with Raman, and each time, I leave renewed and refreshed, with a more limber body and a lighter gait. She has a knack for identifying my underlying problem areas and spends the time and effort necessary to release tension that has built up in these regions. Consequently, the relief cascades beyond these particular points to the associated muscle groups, which were initially the ones aggravated, showing symptoms, and causing me pain. I'd highly recommend her practice to anyone with structural discomfort or pain."

~William K. Rock Climber, Hiking, and Basketball Enthusiast

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